About Us

Just Heavenly is an inspirational company created on the talents of a young man with cerebral palsy and hearing loss who sees his life through God and the desire to help others.  Jon Seyster began writing short stories, verses, and phrases at age 10 for his family and friends. Starting in 1998 Jon’s words of inspiration were printed and sold as decorative pieces of art.   It soon became  clear that Jon needed to expand into greater things with his God inspired words and talents and began using them to grow Just Heavenly.  He wants to share more about God to help lift people’s spirits, reach out and give them encouragement.  Jon hopes that thorough him hekskaskksk can teach patience and understanding, give people warm feelings of peace and enlightenment.

Just Heavenly has published a book with Jon’s inspirational words, graphics and photography.  Jon created a line of sterling silver and gold jewelry  “Jonny’s Angel Collection.”   Please look thorough Just Heavenly site to see Jon’s inspiring products that will make beautiful gifts for any occasion.

Designed by Kevin Nielsen.